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In the eventful and turbulent times in which we live, many thinking people are concerned about the present world condition and the secrets of the future. Those who see the world polarized between the forces of good and evil want to know what will happen next in the great battle between light and darkness. We thank God that He has not left mankind in ignorance about the course of the conflict and its outcome.

Like a great searchlight shining across the centuries, the sure word of prophecy focuses its beams upon our day. In this light, we see clearly the trend of events and may understand what is coming next in the program of history fulfilling prophecy.


1. Active Class Participation (10% of the final grade)

2. Two Book Review  (20% of the final grade)

   The Great Controversy (1888 ed.), E. G. White (Chapter 20 -30)

   The Great Controversy (1888 ed.), E. G. White (Chapter 31 -42)

3. Final exam in class (40% of the final grade)

4. Textbooks:


    The Lighthouse of Prophecy

            5. Textbook for Final Essay (30% of the final grade)

Last Day Events, E. G. White

Class Calendar

10:00 - 10:50 am
11:00 - 11:50 am
First Week
1. Introduction P
2. Daniel 2&7 A
First Week
3. Daniel 2&7 B
4. Daniel 2&7 C
First Week
5. Daniel 2&7 D
Book Review
First Week
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