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Course Description


The Principles of Faith curriculum is designed to provide students the opportunity to learn about and investigate how the Bible’s principles are an integral part of our daily lives. Students will be conducting studies that focus on using the biblical and Spirit of Prophecy pedagogical methods.     

The Principles of Faith curriculum is a faster paced curriculum with a more in-depth look at the various topics. It is designed to prepare students for the more advanced coursework found in the various courses they will have the opportunity to take throughout their Bible studies career.


1. Active Class Participation (10% of the final grade)

2. Two Book Review  (20% of the final grade)

   The Sanctified Life, E. G. White

   The Education, E. G. White

3. Final exam in class (40% of the final grade)

4. Textbooks:


    What do we believe? 1 – 4

            5. Textbook for Final Essay (30% of the final grade)

    Early Writings, E. G. White

Class Calendar

8:00 - 8:50 am
9:00 - 9:50 am
First Week

1. Introduction

2. The Holy Scriptures

3. God the Father

4. Jesus Chris

5. The Holy Spirit

First Week

6.Origin of the Human Race

7.The Plan of Redemption

8.God’s Law– The Ten Commandments

First Week

9.The Fourth Commandment – The Sabbath


First Week



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