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Course Description


The goal of this course is that of leading all those who feel the desire of collaborating in the presentation of the divine message. Offer help in the preparation of the sermons by presenting notions of fundamental importance about it. This material has been prepared with the goal of making easier the study of God’s Word as well as the proclamation of the messages contained in it, through the diversified ways of presenting a sermon.


1. Active Class Participation (10% of the final grade)

2. Final exam in class (50% of the final grade)

3. Textbooks:


    Homiletics: The Art and Science of Preaching

            4. Textbook for Final Essay (40% of the final grade)

    Principles of Homiletics

Class Calendar

10:00 - 10:50 am
11:00 - 11:50 am
First Week
1. What is Homiletics?
2. What Is Preaching? Who Is a Preacher?
First Week
3. The Goal of the Preacher Concerning the People
4. What to Preach
First Week
5. How to Preach
6. To Get a Message – Ask these questions
First Week
9. Types of Sermons 11. Types of Preaching
10. The Sermon 11. Pulpit Etiquette
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